Playlistor Shuffle

Amazing playlists curated by an artificial intelligent bot

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Playlistor Shuffle curates amazing playlist based on your unique acoustic preferences, using an innovative Artificial Intelligence music BOT. Our BOT analyzes the songs in your iTunes library and creates personalized playlists based on this analysis.

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Ohad Sheffer
Ohad ShefferMaker@ohad_sheffer1
Fellow music lover, tryout Playlistor Shuffle if you're looking for mind-blowing playlists that are tailor made to your musical taste
Neil Gaur
Neil Gaur@neilgaur · Founder & Executive Director at Portal
This is awesome, I'm going to be making awesome playlists all day.
Ohad Sheffer
Ohad ShefferMaker@ohad_sheffer1
@neilgaur Thanks Neil, have fun!
patrick a ruster
patrick a ruster@pruster · things and stuff. most of the time.
No freemium model? How does one test?
Dustin Daniels
Dustin Daniels@d00zt1n · Children's Book Author/App Developer
Make it free with certain limitations (playlist count, # songs) with In-app purchase and I’d give it a try.