Make Spotify playlists from 1001tracklists & sets

Playlistify is a simple web app that allows you to quickly create Spotify playlists from concerts, DJ sets, radio shows, and other mixes available on and

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1 Review5.0/5

Quick and painless. Like but with tracklists


Simple, does what it promises and has a high degree of accuracy


Could expand to more services other than 1001tracklists in the future

That's actually really clever Ali, well done! Can you add multiple sets to one playlist? (without having duplicates)
@guillaumebardet Thanks Guillaume! It's currently not possible to do that. If you're trying to do that at the moment, you can select-all (CTRL/CMD+A), copy (CTRL/CMD+C), and paste (CTRL/CMD+V) between playlists on Spotify for Desktop.
Hi Ali. It doesn't seem to work anymore?
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