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I mostly created this website to practice web development. I think most people are fine with using Spotify's search but I like having ratings for playlists. Anyone can rate a playlist without having to log in.

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Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta@actuallyakash · Programmer.
Nice idea. Usually programmers waste time to search best playlist to focus on programming. Maybe this will reduce the overhead.
Hasan Diwan
Hasan Diwan@hasan_diwan · Jackson St. Capital
Would be better if it would analyze my playlists and cross-correlate tracks with other users and recommend playlists in that way. If you've got interest in this, I'll put a few hours into writing it.
Paolo Mantini
Paolo Mantini@paolo_mantini · Ceo at Clockbeats
Hi cool idea :) Maybe you can view also our creation :) @joost_vanhoutte