Playing Lean

A board game that teaches the Lean Startup Methodology

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Anyone whose experienced the Lean Startup Methodology or filled out a Lean Canvas will probably get this concept right away: turn the method into a board game. For those who don't have any experience with it, this might be the most fun way to get introduced! Here's an interview with the founder that gives more background info on the project:
Hi! I'm the creator of Playing Lean. Happy to answer any questions!
@simenfur hey Simen, this is awesome. Can you compare it to any other boardgame ?
@brbordallo Hi Bartolome, good question! The game might have a little bit of Acquire in it with a marketplace that is uncovered as you go. Other than that, the game is designed to have a quick played "Euro-style" feel to it.
@simenfur it looks pretty good. It's really original this idea. Good luck!