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Walter Reid@walterareid · Product
Seems like this product is focused on a casual or infrequent NBA/NFL/MLB watching audience? I suppose, someone who likes a particular team, but isn't interested in keeping up with the player roster. I agree the search by jersey # is a niffy feature, but is it enough to support as a product?
Jack Wheeler@jackbwheeler
@walterareid Agreed. Whenever I don't know a player, I search for the team roster and find the player's number on espn, mlb, etc. This also helps me learn about the player's stats and the team performance. While this happens on occasion, an app to serve this purpose seems like unnecessary real estate on my phone.
D. Frank WhiteMaker@dfrankwhite · Founder @ The Players Guide
We designed the Players Guide to prevent "re-googling" during live games.
D. Frank WhiteMaker@dfrankwhite · Founder @ The Players Guide
@jackbwheeler If i understand you correctly you search players by searching for team rosters 1st then player. Why the extra step? Currently, this is how you would search for a player on ESPN app (let's assume you're a Yankees fan): click search and start typing "Alex Rodriguez", get no results. Back out. Start typing "Yankees", click on search results, look for where to find Alex Rodriguez. 2 minutes later... Can't find, try to hack by clicking on Yankee game, .... Go to ESPN mobile site, find search icon, type "Alex Rodriguez". Why not just type in 13?
D. Frank WhiteMaker@dfrankwhite · Founder @ The Players Guide
@walterareid Thank you for being the first to comment. We're going to be good friends. 😄 As a search engine, I would say we're just as much a product gas Google and/or Yahoo! Sports.
Jack Wheeler@jackbwheeler
@dfrankwhite I totally get it - it would be useful to simply type in a player's number to find a player. But once I find out about the player, then what? Do I see their stats, do I learn about the team I'm on, their social channel? I search the roster on the espn app (or because this type of search is SO specific. If I'm watching a cubs game, there's loads more info that I'll want to know beyond a player's jersey number.
D. Frank WhiteMaker@dfrankwhite · Founder @ The Players Guide
Hi Product Hunt. I'm Frank founder @playersguide. Different from Google, Yahoo! Sports and ESPN, the Players Guide is a search engine designed to organize player information and make it useful during live games. A few cool things you can do with the Players Guide that you can't do on other search engines are: Get local TV channels, search players by jersey number and live tweet. Give it a download, get the local channel for a live game and play around with it. I look forward to your feedback.