The easiest way to livestream or record your gameplay is a new live streaming and recording application for the gaming community to help every gamer become a content creator. We have all the tools needed to help players share their gameplay with the world, including: streaming, recording, an in-built video editor, designed overlays, alerts, donations, your gaming feed, game tracking and chat

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Hi PH, Sean from here. We've just shipped a huge update to the product which comes in the form of a desktop app which gives gamers all the tools they need to create and share content around their gameplay. Our app lets you: - Live stream to the major streaming platforms - Record gameplay - Edit your videos with our in-built video editor - Use one of our hundreds of professionally designed overlays and customize them with our overlay editor - Add alerts, donations, stream cups and more to your content - Connect with other players with our social feed - Private and group chat with friends And all of this while you're playing, with our unique in-game HUD (heads up display)! We've been working hard on this for around 2 years, so it's been a while in development and our ultimate goal is to help every gamer in the world create content around their games and share it with the gaming community. We'd love any feedback and I'm here to answer any questions :)
@seanfee80 place desktop available to win 7, its still viable to have in the O.S with low resources

I've been a member since 2015 and I got invited by 8gaming from fb (which is now TheGamer I believe) and i've been very active since I came back last 2016, It's a nice community with a lot of streamers and gamers alike, they share everything from daily activities from what they stream and play. The site also offers tons of overlay to choose and you can even create one yourself! they recently released the app as a streaming software for your convenience and the best of it is that it allows you to access it with their own built in overlay and check the feed on the fly while you do your best at streaming!

Not only is it a great app but it's also a great and awesome community! :)


A great community!

tons of players to interact with!

great overlays!

responsive web admins!

great streaming app and user friendly interface!


there are a couple of bugs

some spambots do get in sometimes

Thanks! You're an awesome part of the community :)
Congrats on the launch Sean and team! 👏🏻
@cpollo01 Thanks Corey!
Congrats @seanfee80 and co!
@eoghanmccabe Cheers Eoghan :)