Tools to help players create better live streams is the world's first connected content creation platform for the gaming and esports community. We build tools that help players create more engaging content around the games they love. integrates with major creation tools like XSplit and OBS while also helping players send that content to platforms like Twitch, Youtube and Mixer

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Hi Everyone - I'm Sean, co-founder of We've just released a suite of tools for gaming and esports content creators, which integrate with all the major streaming applications and platforms out there. Our vision at is to empower every player to become a content creator and while that may seem lofty, we really believe we can achieve it by: - Lowering the barriers to getting started; - Helping to make the content look great from day 1 (so they can focus on their gameplay and personality); and - Helping them grow, truly engage and nurture their audience with advanced tools. We'd love feedback on what we have built and delighted to answer any questions the community might have! Thanks for checking it out.
Have been with them since their beginning, have seen them grow from a small community to an enormous gaming community :)
@xedro Thanks for the support! :)
It can be complicated for Gaming streamers on Twitch and YouTube Gaming to create an overlay and interact effectively with their viewers. It looks like is solving that issue, and it looks very good indeed.
@theashtube Thanks Ashley
Wow, I'm not a streamer, but if I was I would be spending a lot of time on to create the perfect overlay. This is great, good job guys!
@itscoopermiller Thanks Cooper :)
Wow this is fantastic! Been meaning to get around and start streaming, this might just be what motivates me to do it! All you need is Discord integration and you've got gold.
@arvinallen Thanks Allen. We have more coming, there'll be no excuse to not stream in a few months