Player Card

Chrome extension to easily view an athlete stats

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Hey Product Hunters, Several months ago I set out on a mission to improve the way sports was consumed on the web and so I built Player Card. Player Card analyzes all the names on a website and highlights NFL & Soccer players, teams, and leagues so when you hover over the highlighted name you'll be presented with a carefully designed pop-up box that provides information and statistics about that hovered item. The design of Player Card was very important to me, and I think it shows. I spent many hours trying to perfect the layout and make the user experience as good as it could possibly be. Player Card has a database of 20,000 footballers, as well as 55,000 soccer players (male and female) to ultimately make following football & soccer a lot easier. Now you might be wondering: "With a database so large, surely my page load time gets affected..." Well, it doesn't, in fact the extra load time is practically none existent. Try it for yourself you like :). Player Card is still unfinished and plans to expand to MLB, NBA, NHL, and other sports is already under way. Player Card is still quite early in its development and sometimes it might show (bugs, oh no!) but I hope you take the time to test Player Card and see if it's a fit for you. I'm eager to hear what you think and happy to answer any questions about the extension.