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Kerem@keremtiryaki · Developer
Fantastic for WebGL. if you are familiar with unity3D, you are already know how to use playcanvas editor. Check out my 2 minutes demo :)
David Evans
David EvansMaker@daredevildave · PlayCanvas
Hey everyone, hope you like PlayCanvas. We've built this to give everyone the power to create incredible 3D stuff (games, visualizations, etc) in your browser. Really cool high-end stuff like or stupid fun games like I made last weekend, Lamb Cannon: Happy to answer questions about the product, WebGL, 3D graphics, real-time editing 3D scenes in your web browser. Whatever.
Evgeni Kouris
Evgeni Kouris@ekouris · Founder & CEO Gamewheel
We at GameWheel love PlayCanvas as well. Really great that more and more devs use JS for complex 3D game projects
Devin Hunt
Devin HuntHunter@hailpixel · Partner, Founder Centric
I've been really impressed by PlayCanvas; it's is crazy how polished it is. Check out Tanx ( or Space Buggy ( to see what you can make with this tool. Disclaimer: I met this team through the MSV accelerator.