Mobile Video Micro-Learning for digital skills

#5 Product of the DayNovember 24, 2018

Playbook is a Mobile Video Micro-Learning App with 150+ quick video classes on Product, Design, Entrepreneurship, Team & Culture, Growth, Fundraising and more.

Classes are taught by real world experts from companies like Uber, PayPal, Reddit, Microsoft, Spotify, UpWork, Google and more.

Our Video Micro-Learning Courses are 10-15 mins long.

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Hi all, I'm Leon, Co-Founder of Playbook. We're building Playbook to empower more people to learn faster & more effectively from Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Product & Design. Playbook is a Mobile Video Learning App with 15 Min Video Micro-Learning Courses you can easily consume on-the-go. Micro-Learning is a new term for some of you - it is a new method to package content in bite-sized packages to help you learn faster but also retain more. We work with industry insiders and practitioners from companies like Reddit, Ebay, Spotify, Uber and many more to share their tips & tricks with the world. Have an awesome day and looking forward to get your thoughts 🚀 Thanks, Leon & Daniel Founders of Playbook
Great job. How did you get the experts on board?
@paulanderie Thanks a lot. Mostly research and introductions from our network. They love giving back to the community and sharing their wisdom which is awesome.
@iamleonmueller, pretty awesome looking but I think at least one video series should be free to try without having to sign up for a subscription.
@petergyang True that - we've actually submitted a new update on the weekend with that. Thanks for the feedback. Super valuable.
Are all the videos in vertical format?
@rizvi_personal Hi Mirza - I am one of the Founders of Playbook - and yes all videos are in a vertical format. We only do mobile optimized video classes :) Hope you like it.
@iamleonmueller Thanks for replying. I think there is a massive opportunity in vertical format videos that most of the biggest companies in the world are not taking seriously. Anyways best of luck for the future
@rizvi_personal Thanks - we think so too. There is a channel shift from Desktop to Mobile - and Mobile is now becoming the main medium for content consumption. Though video consumption on mobile needs to be different.
Congrats on your PH Launch Leon- Playbook seems super cool! What would you say are some of the main differences between Playbook and the early origins of (as a micro-learning app)?
@sauravpahadia Very good questions - love it. True - they also started like this. The main difference is, they forced the experts to do it themselves, as in selfie videos. We take care of that part and do the production in-house which has been seen very valuable for a lot of speakers.