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Hi Product Hunt, super excited to be hunted and be able to share this project with you guys! Playbook was born out of a shared frustration, between my roommate and I, of how difficult it was to find the excellent content that is being put out by guys like @fredwilson, @bfeld, @noahkagan, @thisissethsblog, etc., and how difficult it is to follow it on mobile. We hope that this app makes keeping up with, and learning from, these startup experts as easy as possible. On Playbook we currently have over 80 startup experts that you can start following, but we are looking to expand this list. We are specifically looking to diversify it with more women in the startup world, and POC. If you would like to help us you can submit suggestions at We are also opening up a slack channel in which we want to create a community that helps us evolve this product through feedback of ideas, early versions, etc. If you are interested please to
This is the best thing ever! I consume a lot of content from blogs and it's annoying to keep tabs on my favorite blogs to see when they make a new post
@vd_thatte Thanks man! Are all of your favorite blogs on the app? I would love to add any that we are missing
This. Is. Amazing. The last time I downloaded a new app to my phone was well over a year ago. This convinced me to break that fast. Awesome stuff friends.
@camroncade Thank you so much Camron, the fact that you like it so much means a lot to us. Feel free to reach out at any time with comments, questions, suggestions, etc
No Android version 😑
@bengreenwood Sorry Ben, we'll have android and web versions pretty soon :)
I've been using blogtrottr for stuff like this (combined with an RSS feed from the blog), but this is definitely cleaner. Well done! 🙌
@nickabouzeid Thank you so much Nick! Feel free to reach out if there is anything from Blogtrottr that you would like us to implement in Playbook