An (unofficial) web player for Apple Music

A Progressive Web App for Apple Music built with Angular, Angular Material, and MusicKit JS.

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h/t MacRumors where I saw this first: I am a big fan of Apple Music - and sometimes I just need to play something on someone else's computer - but there's not a fantastic way to do that until now. It's not perfect - but the fact that it's open source is pretty cool, and it will be easy to see if something nefarious is being done with my data.
Update the mac app !!

It didn't work for me. The first time, I logged in successfully and gave the app permission to access my Apple Music. It loaded my library except for Playlists, but was unable to play any song. Then I tried it in another web browser and it stuck after Apple ID login. I tried several times but have the same problem. It might have some technical issue or something but stucking after login doesn't seem okay from a security point of view.


Access Apple Music Artists, Albums, and Songs on the Web


Buggy and can't access Playlists (might be an exception)

Countdown until that domain name is seized by Apple, for trademark infringement — 3, 2, 1

The UI is a bit on the ugly side, but don't let that detter you. The web player works pretty well, has a bug here and there, but it's pretty much the Apple Music experience. Plus, if you open the site on Chrome you can cast the music to any compatible device (something Apple won't let you through iTunes or iOS).


- Plays every song you have available on Apple Music

- Plays your playlists

- You can finally stream Apple Music to Chromecast


- So far can't think of anything