Playable Video

AI versions of your marketing videos

Computer vision watches every pixel on every frame and maps it against 1,000+ videography based data points.
Tell Playable what you're trying to do and based on the data of 12,000 videos and 200m videos views, it creates alternate versions of your video.
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Pretty powerful stuff with the email video embed. What kind of events does the AI look for (is it things like click-throughs at certain points of a video)? Really novel stuff Mick, congrats!
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thanks @elbahnasy - the AI includes computer vision that watches for scene changes, and detects objects and events. face detection and recognition and sentiment analysis of facial expressions. computer hearing - listening for speech. and yes then the AI looks for clicks, dwell times, and downstream conversion events to learn what aspects of the video work best for your marketing objectives. then it automatically edits your videos to optimize for those outcomes.
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@elbahnasy @hitching is there a chance in future I could upload different music tracks and learn which music track works best with a video?
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@hitching this is really cool
good question @bigyahu and yes that's on the list. right now the AI detects speech in the source video and picks out whole phrases & sentences that fit with the visuals selected. @elbahnasy
This is such a great idea. I’d love to learn which edit of my video content will get the best click through, even if it’s not a sales-oriented marketing video. If I were a music video maker, Kickstarter campaign marketer, tourism marketer, I’d love this. Over time I’d love Playable to release research drawing conclusions from the big data set they’ll collect to help all video marketers learn.
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Absolutely love the embedded video emails! Is the Playable email platform also able to add additional content like images, text, and CTA buttons?
thanks @lachlankirkwood - yes from the data we learnt that certain characteristics of videos will increase engagement, so we built tools to easily: add captions, add a branded watermark, add an endcard with a call-to-action, add a footer message with a call-to-action
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