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I just recently started listening to this podcast, but I'm already hooked on it. If you want to hear some very interesting discussions about what it takes to make a game, check out this show. They sit down with developers and get into the nitty gritty of game development. This episode's guest is Simon Bennett who worked on both OlliOlli and Not A Hero. Both great games!
@collin_cummings what spurred you to create this podcast? Do you have any advice for developers out there thinking about making games?
@alexcartaz Both the podcast and my company PlayWell are a direct response to the trouble I've had finding a good way to get into games. I'm a designer (have a studio of my own) but have always wanted to make games. I love the process and thinking in games. I spend a ton of my free time thinking about them, writing about them, etc. Doing the podcast is a natural extension of discussions I already love to have. Getting into games is tough but definitely starts with just diving in as much as possible. Doing a game jam is a great entry point. We're actually going to be putting together a game jam early next year with PlayWell, but there are already a few out there that are perfect ways to dive in and get some experience.
@collin_cummings @alexcartaz That's really awesome. What would you say are the best tools for newcomers to game development? I downloaded Unity a while back and went through several tutorials I found online. It was a lot of fun.