Play is a chrome extension that allows Medium's writers and publications to add Audio players on their articles in a very easy and simple way.

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Mahmoud Felfel
Frontend Engineer, Co-Founder of
Play for Medium gets a major update to support Medium writers! Hello Product Hunt! We are excited to announce a major feature we built in the Play for Medium Chrome Extension that allows any Medium writer to embed an Audio version of his/her article with just 1 click of a button - Publish with Audio! Since we launched the Play for Medium Chrome extension [], many Medium writers have been using our internal tools to convert their articles to audio and embed them in their articles. But the process to do this has been quite cumbersome as they had to copy and paste links and jump between windows. This feature makes it ridiculously easy for any writer to add Audio to their Medium articles. We hope the Medium writers in here find it useful. Please give it a try and let us know your feedback. Cheers!
Sooraj Chandran
Product at Oyster via Carrom Acquisition
Great use case. In fact, I have been thinking of something similar to this, and here it is. 😍
Zameer Ansari@nordible previous @nerdspal @nistencorp
@iamsooraj The world is too fast. I also was working on something similar
Akshay Kadam(A2K)
Maker of all things JavaScript 😘
This would be so useful for the blind. Thank you for making this. Good job πŸ‘
Can Olcer
Co-Founder Kosmos School
Isn't that going to piss off Medium, as audio is one of the features they offer for paying users?
Product Designer β€’ Made πŸ“»

Reading articles while working is a really big pain. This extension / plugin was the simplest solution I found :)


I listen more then 60+ articles per month

Simple and intuitive


Only on desktop

Need improvement in buffering

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