Play Digital Signage

Simple and intuitive content management for digital signs

Play Digital Signage offers super simple user experience because even your grandmother should be able to publish content to her screens.

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We're a team of geeks designing and developing software that manages content on digital signs. We think anyone should be able to make great designs for their digital screens, be it a chain of restaurants or your local barber, that's also why we offer a free screen for everyone forever - No watermark, no restrictions and no hooks attached. So go have a look, try it, review it, play around with it and give us your feedback!
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Love the product idea. always confused when SaaS companies decide to include profanity on their sites though... "bulls**t" isn't offensive to me on a pricing page, but given the retail focus, I can only imagine plenty of people in industries who are sensitive to that might be put off.
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@arlogilbert fair point, thanks Arlo. We might need to spin up an A/B test for this.
@arlogilbert @reederz Couldn't agree more with Arlo. As soon I as showed this to the exec they baulked at it; seeing it as crass and unprofessional.
@alan_partridge12 Thanks for the comment. I do hope that the "bulls**t" bit at least made you laugh. Also, I hope it didn't get you in trouble with the exec. Feel free to check out our software and talk to our support staff and we'll do our part to convince you that we are very professional.
@reederz Hi - yes it got my attention for sure but was frowned upon by the powers that be. The software itself is super simple and intuitive so I'm pushing to try and get this as a replacement for our current digital signage solution.
You can follow our development progress here If you have ideas or feedback, don't hesitate to ping us here, support chat or email.
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For me, by far is the best product for signage


Very simple UI for creating contents and deploying to screens.

Lot of platforms and OS supported


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Thanks, Oscar. Comments like this make my day!
Where is the data stored for this? Can it be located just in the EU for those that are bound by data location restrictions due to security/government reasons?
@alan_partridge12 At the time of writing, the data is stored only in EU so no worries there. We did the GDPR compliance work last year and will continue to comply. Do you have any other data location restrictions in mind?
@reederz As far as I'm aware it's just that our data has to sit within the EU so that's great news. Thanks!