Music lovers, rejoice. Music videos with insider song facts.

Play is a unique and exciting little music app using YouTube videos!

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Hey everyone! I've been working on a little music site for the past few weeks. Let me know what you think of! I was trying to make a super lightweight web music player that puts video first. has edge-to-edge fullscreen videos so the focus is on the music videos. It has a UX that I haven't seen anywhere else -- you can search for new songs while the current music video continues to play in the background, and the content shows up over the video. I'm curious to get feedback on whether folks think that this works well or not! also shows "song facts" -- little bubbles that contain behind-the-scenes information about how songs were made, what the lyrics mean, and lots of other fascinating info! Here's a great example of "song facts" in action: We have facts for around 30,000 artists! The other thing I'm really proud of is that the site is built with just 25KB of JavaScript (using Preact), and supports progressive/responsive image loading tuned to the screen size, so the whole site actually feels snappy even on free coffee shop wifi, or when tethered to a phone with a weak connection. It also works great on mobile. Give it a try on iPhone or Android! No account needed to try it out. Let me know what you think!
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@feross Nice looking product.
Love it, been using it since it showed up on my twitter feed. Not sure if you've seen the classic VH1 tv show: "Pop Up Videos" but your little fact bubbles took me back to my childhood when that show was on all the time.
@kingreza Yeah! I'm familiar with VH1 Pop Up Videos. Great stuff! I was inspired by that when building I'm glad that someone noticed!
Great website!! Where are you getting the data for the song facts?
@abhijithcu90 Yeah. I have the same question.
@sergiu_cazac I checked it's not from genius. I saw a few matches from here : .Guess he is aggregating info from multiple sources. But very well executed.
really great work on this. feels like spotify's ux laid over youtube's library. absolutely love how navigation works around the active video. this beats the streaming experience on youtube by leaps and bounds. 👍
Hello @Feross You should add og:image :) Nice job
@viviansolide Yep, I plan to do that!