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Recorded MOOCs should be killed. It's always better to be able to ask questions as you go along (and not fall asleep if the teacher uses dulcet tones). Plus it goes with the whole live streaming trend...
@v4violetta That's beautiful, thank you Violeta. We know now the power of live to encourage people to learn better. It's not just a video and a chat. Or some videos and a forum. We have a mature enough tool-chain to create an actual real-time learning experience. We're working to buid that with Platzi and improve it every day. Thanks for hunting us. It was an awesome surprise.
@freddier My pleasure, John. :) Also, I signed up.
Oh wow. Hi Product Hunters. I'm one of the founders. Here to answer anything!
I've been there yesterday and attended the class @eriktorenberg gave about community building with Product Hunt. I'm a big fan of online education, especially with video content. So it's great to see more platforms coming on. For now Platzi isn't my absolute favourite but i think they will do quite well in the future if they continue to develop. Some stuff i didn't like so much (probably that will help): 1. the public note/chat function is relatively confusing. I would split that up into a chat and a note function and also style it towards more lightness and usability. Currently names are biggest, messages are relatively small which makes it hard to get a good overview. 2. the overall design of course always is a matter of taste but well,... it's not mine :) 3. the site seems to have launched in spanish language only and is now partly translated into english. This is great and fully ok of course but i still found some spanish parts that i couldn't even guess what they mean. Basically it's not that big of a problem but it was parts of the navigation and that of course is a bit difficult. That said i hope you guys keep on going and continue your effort. With Erik you already had a great teacher on board - i'll surely check back for the next interesting class that i find.
@eriktorenberg @helmi Thank you Helmi! Those are great ideas. I'm sure my designers would like to hear more. It's great to have this kind of feedback, I always felt weird with the proportions of our chat/notes design.
I really, really like this. It feels like a step towards TV of the future. A few questions come to mind perusing the landing page. Why is this better than a college professor live streaming class with a twitch-like (really simple) chat enabled? Will educators choose how long their videos are watchable post-stream? Great job, I am super excited for the future of Platzi!
@jackrometty I'm not part of the Platzi team, but I taught a Platzi course so I'll do my best to answer the first question: I'd say it's better than a college professor teaching a course because it's covering material you can't get in college. I'm sure there are some topics which are more academic, but at least in the course I taught on Sails.js, it wasn't. I'd say academia will always be about 3-10 years behind the rest of the world as far as what it's teaching (at least in CS courses.) I think this could be a solution.
@mikermcneil thanks for the answer!
I am curious, do users have to pay to watch just live streams or is it going to be a type of approach. I feel like the lure now of these live streaming sites is easy accessibility which includes it being basically free except certain subscriber only features. For example the Y-Combinator startup class is already available for free online, so whats the lure for paying the monthly fee to you guys? I might just be missing some of the features on first glance, would love to learn more as I have 100 entrepreneurship students who would be interested in something similar to this!
@jackosutherland In English, we're not charging anything and the classes you see free right now will continue to be free, forever. We will charge to access more premium courses. Imagine a Definitive Javascript Course, two weeks of learning best practices and modern frameworks from its creators. With 2-hour live classes every Tue, Wed, Thu. With two schedules for America and Europe. If you miss a class, you can see the recorded version 24 hours later, including the best notes and questions from the students that took it live. And the files and code the teachers created for each class. That already works in our Spanish courses. We hope you guys like it too :)