Plato AMA sessions

Learn leadership together in small groups of peers

Have valuable conversations with peers around curated topics by Plato Mentors (including engineering and product leaders from Box, Slack, Google, Facebook, Reddit, Coinbase, AirBnB, and many more....)

Have candid conversations, discover the things you didn’t know you didn’t know, and make new friends.

Ashley Whitlatch
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Hey everyone, Thank you Nicolas for hunting! We’ve been working for over a year on our mission to help engineering and product leaders build better teams. Today, we’re launching something new: AMA Sessions. In 2016, my company participated to YCombinator. People often ask me what was the best thing about our experience at YCombinator (read more about our story here). A lot has been written about it. Some could argue it’s the reputation to attract investors, some could say it’s the intense focus of work over three months, others would say it’s how smart YC Partners are, and how valuable the 1–1 office hours are to help you make the best decisions for the future of your company. One thing missing here that I find absolutely fundamental is the ability to be able to connect with people who are in the same shoes as you, and people who are facing the same issues you’re facing. Today we’re launching Plato AMA sessions for everyone. Almost 200 sessions have been added on 50 different topics — we focused on the most common challenges engineering and product leaders experience. Anyone can participate in one session for FREE. If you find value from the experience and are interested in receiving 1–1 mentorship from Mentors you met during an AMA session, plus access to unlimited sessions (we’re adding more each week!), you can subscribe to Plato. Enjoy, and as always, we’d love your feedback. Feel free to ping me if you have any question Cheers!
We have been working with their team and are impressed by their professionalism and speed of execution, congrats and good luck guys!
Much needed product, love being part of the AMA sessions.
Congrats on the launch! If I'm an engineer, what level of experience should I have to benefit most from it? (wanna be manager/already a manager?)
@romain_lapeyre Thanks for asking @romain_lapeyre. Both work actually. However, we've seen that the mentoring sessions were much more valuable when the advice received could be implemented. So I guess if you're a wannabe manager, it will be more valuable if you are currently transitioning and not only "thinking" about transitioning. It needs to be concrete in some way. Plato is also very useful for rather experienced managers as it seems that in engineering management, new challenges come in at every stage.