Share knowledge with your team through simple Q&A

Plato is a modern take on your company knowledge base. It's designed to enable people to start asking questions & get answers, rather than maintaining documents.

Plato is a simple Q&A platform that allows small teams to share and index knowledge as they grow

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Hi PH! I'm sharing my first ever submission today - I hope you like it! The reason why I built Plato is because it surprised me that there are no modern looking, relatively cheap Q&A platforms for teams. I think that sharing knowledge through Q&A can be super helpful simply because not all knowledge is suitable to store in documents. Conceptually, it's similar to Stackoverflow for teams which launched not too long ago. I since then noticed a lot of discussion around it which convinced me to share Plato with you now, rather than waiting a few more weeks to polish it.
@verbeektoon This is a really compelling product... I agree that there is a need for teams - especially in startups - to have a simple place to store Q&A for future reference. Nice work!
@abadesi Woah, thanks for the amazing compliment Abadesi! πŸ™
@verbeektoon Very cool concept. With so much focus on customer facing Q&A, I there's not enough for internal purposes. Also love the name ;)
@daflatow Hi David, thanks for the compliment! I agree with you in that Q&A is such a simple but powerful way to communicate with each other. There's a lot of time we can save if we stop documenting internal processes in documents, which are hard to scan and put that knowledge in a separate space.
I remember having questions come up like this at work all the time. We heavily relied on Slack and a Github wiki. It's great to see something that puts it all in one easy to find place!
@anderson760 Thanks for the kind words Joe!
At our company, we've tried Confluence, GitHub and Notion, but Plato really seems to fit our needs. Nice job Toon!
@itsmoeries That's awesome to hear, thanks! πŸ™Œ
😍 sounds amazing! Good job Toon! πŸ™Œ
@tombenattar Thanks Tom! Means a lot :)
Love this concept! I have a ton of info like this across various slack DM's and private channels that could definitely benefit the company as a whole - it would be awesome to have it all in one place. Great work!
@ducktuckgo Thanks Tucker! This is exactly what I had in mind when I set out to build Plato. Awesome to hear that the idea resonates with you πŸ™Œ