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Hey All, Thanks Justin for hunting us and being one of our first customers! Hey Product Hunters! Quang, CEO and cofounder of Plato (ex Birdly YC W16) . At Plato, we're on a mission to help Engineers to become better Engineering Leaders. We built this product to solve a real pain we had ourselves in the past. Companies tend to promote the best engineers in management roles, or we tend to build our startup, build the product and transition from builder to managers. But we're unprepared. And it's hard. In a few months, we gathered a community of almost 100 mentors. They are engineering leaders (VP Engineering, Director of Engineering, Engineering Managers...) from top companies such as Google, Facebook, Slack, Trello, Netflix, Spotify, Digital Ocean, Segment... Here is a full list: . They all dedicated 30 min of their time per week to have calls with you and help with your engineering management challenges. I'm happy to help out if you have any question, Cheers! PS: By the way, we're having a launch party in SF tonight (Monday 15th of May) for those in the area:
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This is great, there's no real platform for engineering leaders.
@tschellenbach Thanks, feel free to give it a try, the first calls are for free
Have had super helpful conversations with engineering mentors through Plato. Especially wanted to shoutout @nclarksf for a really valuable conversation. Thanks for making it happen, Quang and team! I've learned a lot about how to think about my own time management as an engineering leader and how to tackle specific challenges around recruiting and building a great engineering org. Excited to apply some of those learnings and hopefully become a mentor to other engineering leaders someday soon!
@dtran320 Thanks David! Happy we could help with your challenges!!
Sounds like a powerful training and retention tool for engineering talent. What is the value prop to the mentors for volunteering their time? I presume it generates some recruiting leverage.
@kevrmoore Hey! Mentors have all kind of incentives, but what we saw is that they already want to dedicate time to help other. But they don't want to spend time on: 1) Scheduling and rescheduling calls with mentees: We take care of all the scheduling and rescheduling for you. 2) Spend time with irrelevant mentees you won't be able to help: we take care of the matching for you in terms of experience and profile 3) Take the time to take care of the follow-up after the calls: after a 30 min call, we take care of the follow-ups for you. Either this call was enough and we'll ask the mentee to give you some news about the situation. Either this call requires other calls and we'll organize some follow-up calls. Also, we happen to organise regular networking event to get mentors know each other and nurture their network. Here is one of them:
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