You're a great engineer. Become a great Engineering Leader


@qhoang09 · CEO @ Birdly
Hey All, Thanks Justin for hunting us and being one of our first customers! Hey Product Hunters! Quang, CEO and cofounder of Plato (ex Birdly YC W16) . At Plato, we're on a mission to help Engineers to become better Engineering Leaders. We built this product to solve a real pain we had ourselves in the past. Companies tend to promote the best engineers in … See more
@tschellenbach · CEO GetStream.io
This is great, there's no real platform for engineering leaders.
Kevin Moore
@kevrmoore · Capitalist
Sounds like a powerful training and retention tool for engineering talent. What is the value prop to the mentors for volunteering their time? I presume it generates some recruiting leverage.
David Tran
@dtran320 · Co-Founder & CTO, PRX
Have had super helpful conversations with engineering mentors through Plato. Especially wanted to shoutout @nclarksf for a really valuable conversation. Thanks for making it happen, Quang and team! I've learned a lot about how to think about my own time management as an engineering leader and how to tackle specific challenges around recruiting and building a… See more
@qhoang09 · CEO @ Birdly
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