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Hello to all Hunters, First, I want to thank @neerajt4 for hunting Platformax and giving us a chance to be here! Me and my colleague Srdan are co-founders of Platformax and we’re here to answer all your sales related questions on topics like: - how to structure your sales - how to implement a sales development process - is it the right time to switch to a CRM, how to implement it and why When describing Platformax, I wouldn’t want to talk too much about features and what they do. If I were to do so, this intro would be a couple of pages long :) In a nutshell, Platformax helps you increase your sales by structuring the sales process and putting you in control of it. Most of our customers said they like Platformax because it allows you to: - Simplify your sales process, thus making it easier to follow and repeat (this is crucial if you’re scaling your sales) - Track all your customer communications so everyone on your team always knows the history of each customer without having to copy/paste or CC emails - Get the ability, as a manager, to control sales activities of your entire sales team and trace problems that affect your performance - Reach out to new and existing customers effectively & periodically, with the use of automated email sequences and cold calling Besides the above mentioned, the one thing we love most about Platformax is that it can grow as your company and your needs grow. To get more info you can: 1. Ask away here and we’ll be more than glad to answer, 2. Visit our website at and start a free trial with a plan that covers all the standard CRM features with full email and mobile phone tracking 3. Request a Demo, to see processes that can be covered in our advanced plans, such as prospecting (email and calling), case management, workflows and phone integration Looking forward hearing back from you! P.S.. We’re not a startup that one day simply decided “Let’s pretend to be cool and build a new CRM that will change the world!” :) Platformax is a result of 8 years long labour of love, by a team of engineers and sales freaks and it was developed based on the challenges we faced while running a digital agency, where 8 years ago we went through using 5 different solutions for 5 different processes and none of them “liked” each other and support was neither affordable nor available. So we developed a platform where we can run our sales and pre-sales, with built-in call centre, paperwork administration, customer support, project management, team collaboration and more. That was the birth of Platformax and now hundreds of people all around the globe use it to solve their challenges and grow their sales. Today we see ourselves as a mature startup that’s polishing a CRM that actually might change the world for those teams using Platformax :)
@dejan_davidovic All the best! :)
@neerajt4 thank you! P.S. I just love your description on website: ) : "I'm a polymer engineer who has taken a detour to the digital landscape."