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Hi, Product Hunters! 🀘 The weather in Saint-Petersburg is not so good today, but we're still very excited! Let me introduce you Platforma: the ultimate collection of 200+ wireframe layouts for Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop. For Platforma we designed the most popular web components and combined them into 15 categories including Headers, Features, Testimonials, etc. Now you can create efficient wireframes faster by choosing the exact components you need and combining them together. As easy as Tetris! πŸ‘Ύ Also we made Tools for fast commenting over your wireframe. It can be helpful for team communications, for example, in Great Simple we use markups to give a fast feedback to designers right inside Sketch artboards. Of course, all the elements are fully customizable and carefully sorted in layers list, besides, Platforma includes collection of Base elements, so you can create components all by yourself. And one more thing! 😎 Platforma is a perfect tool for creating an awesome interactive prototype with online apps like Marvel, Invision, UXPin. Build a wireframe with Platforma, upload it to one of these apps, add transitions and make it live! Don't forget that these apps allow you to comment and discuss your wireframe. So, hope it will be helpful for you as it is for us. Would love to know what you think and if you have any questions, you're welcome! Here is a code for all Product Hunters – PRODUCTHUNT20, it will give you 20% discount on Platforma Wireframe Kit. Try it now – http://platforma.ws/
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@taragraphy Sweet, been looking for something like this. Will the mobile app prototypes be included in the updated versions with this purchase?
@jonw thanks, Jon. We'll definately make a mobile wireframing tool, but i can't say clear now would it be like an update to Platforma, or a separate product.
@taragraphy This looks great. I've been looking for a prototyping tool like this. Just headed over to try and purchase but the disc code above doesn't seem to work? Has it expired?
@rich_allen Hey, Rich! Unfortunately, this PH offer has expired.
Have a project right now that I'm working on and have been looking for something just like this to help me think through my rows. I'm going to check it out.
@mmp7700 nice to hear that, Michael! use code PRODUCTHUNT20 on checkout to get Platforma with 20% discount. And if it's not difficult, please, give us a small feedback.
@taragraphy thanks artyom! I'm on deadline for a project this week but will check it out on Friday.
Looks awesome, and love that it works with @invisionapp. Wonder if they have any plans to add mobile app prototyping elements to the library.
@imakestrides @invisionapp thank you, Kyle. yes, we're working on app wireframing tool right now.
@taragraphy @imakestrides @invisionapp Why not incorporating it inside this tool? :)
Purchased, this is awesome
@richbennny thanks, Benjamin!
Looks very promising
@engmsaleh πŸ™ hope you'll not be disappointed