A desk for musicians

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Looks great. I'd be curious to know how units can be mounted into the rack-like spaces.
@davidloubere According to their website: "Platform is included with rack ears that can hold up to 9U of gear. Each slanted wooden separator may be reversed and installed with a straight edge for a different look and feel."
@deankappen Oh yeah! Definitely worths it. \o/
Ugh, I could've used this years ago! Beautiful, clean design. Fair price, too.
Just a guys may also want to target streamers & gamecasters, since this desk provides the perfect space that they'd need for a couple monitors, lamp, mic and preamp.
@jwiskerchen hey that's a great suggestion! Thanks J
Not a musician. Would quite happily use this desk daily after monitor mounts were sorted. There's something inviting, warm? here about the aesthetic that's rare with most minimal furnishings.
@kkdub thanks! Yes, our video content producer is happily using it for his multiple monitors, and gear.
This is beautiful - only problem is I have a receiver which I believe is a about 0.5" too tall for the compartment. Do you guys plan on offering other sizes for the compartments?
wannnnnnnt this so much. yo Platform if you need people to test your desks or whatever hmu!