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Listen to me! You will want this to make your life easier! And it's better than any other meal plan apps I've ever tried! I am not one person to be super sales-y at all and in fact it makes me uncomfortable. BUT PlateJoy is my one exception. I'm an active user and actually use it every week! I have tried other meal plans and yes some of them are okay, but here's what I like better about PlateJoy: The personalization. I am a relatively picky eater so it's been a nightmare with other plans, but not PlateJoy. I can exclude every thing I don't like! Then I can choose specific types of meal plans preferences; to mix things up I've gotten to try low sodium, low carb, ketogenic, paleo, clean eating. It even takes into account my preferences on leftovers, type of items (brown or white rice, type of milk, etc.), appliances, and variety. I can change my preferences at any time and choose what stays or goes in my meal queue. You can choose as many and as little days and meals or create two plans the same day and it doesn't upcharge you. After I input the data, it automatically takes account of my preferences for me, organizes my recipes, and provides a shopping list. No fuss. Sometimes I tweak a recipe or double ingredients because I use it for meal prepping. As a very busy person, PlateJoy makes my life easier. It can for you, too! If you're still hesitant, try the free trial! When I did, I stayed on because I was hooked by the personalization, affordability, and convenience.
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@brea_ramos So kind of you to say these things, Brea, and we feel particularly special to have passed your "sales-y" threshold. Excited to keep making the product better for you in the future. <3
I signed up for PlateJoy because it had Instacart integration and we were getting tired of spending a couple of hours every Sunday recipe hunting for new/different things. PlateJoy takes care of all of that for you and can tailor your recipes according to dietary goals, ingredient likes/dislikes, etc. What really ties it all together are the pantry & shopping list features that make using all of the stuff you've had in your pantry forever a reality and let's you spend about half the time in the grocery store. And, bonus, if you don't feel like shopping, you can one-click send the shopping list to Instacart. There's 3hr of my life back every week. When you have little kids, getting 3hr back is practically like adding an 8th day to the week. Thanks, PlateJoy!
@jacob_kitchel Thank you so much, Jacob!! Your kids are lucky to have parents that care so much about healthy food and we're honored to be able to help with this.
Hi all, We’re excited to launch our brand new app design (on both iOS and Android!) to make data-driven healthy meal planning easier. We’re all about helping you feel your best through cooking and eating well--without spending hours searching for recipes and making shopping lists. To do this, we use data about your lifestyle, preferences, and goals to design a custom meal plan for you each week. You can take your personalized grocery list to the store, or send it to Instacart with a single click (in 30 cities) for ingredient delivery in an hour. Your recipes scale to the optimal portion size of you + your family members. What’s new: * We’ve re-designed the app UX (let us know what you think!) * We’ve added plans: whole30, ketogenic, low FODMAP, low carb, pre diabetes, and a few others. * We’ve launched a ten-day free trial available to everyone (you should sign up for this on web or mobile web before downloading the app) * We’ve updated our algorithms that remember what you have in your pantry and use ingredients across recipes each week to reduce food waste and save you money. We're super inspired to make eating well and feeling great easier. Would love to answer any questions + thanks for checking it out! -Christina
@cbognet I'm really excited for the new app to launch on iOS. These are all things I've been waiting to see with the current app.. Love platejoy and happy to keep providing UX feedback.. - Love, consistent platejoy users + UX researcher ;)
@cbognet sounds amazing! I'm downloading now! Wonderful idea!
@cbognet low FODMAP!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ my nutritionist bff is going to be so happy
PlateJoy has been a life saver many weeks for me and my family. Amazing menu's! I'm able to fluctuate my needs and get specialized meals direct from the staff. I recommend this app to all my friends and family!
@jj10brock So great to hear this, Julie. THANK YOU for recommending us!! <3
I love PlateJoy! There's so much customization available and I love that I feel like I have control over my menu (unlike programs that have just a few options and they send you the ingredients). My husband and I used to hate putting together a meal plan and it'd be a long, drawn-out conversation every week trying to get the other person to do it. This is so simple and can be done in 30 seconds, plus it integrates to instacart so I can get my groceries ordered at the same time. This has been such a timesaver!
@katrina_price Love that we're saving you that conversation every week and so glad you're enjoying the Instacart integration (it's one of my favorite parts, too). Thank you!!