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I absolutely love PlateJoy. I've been using it for the past 8 months and have gotten a bunch of my friends to use it too. It's been super helpful in a lot of ways: --way more variety in my cooking/meals --adds and element of surprise to meal planning (I look forward to seeing new meals for the week) --helps me stay healthy despite dietary restrictions/food allergies --makes grocery shopping more efficient/less stressful --save money grocery shopping because I'm not buying random stuff I also love that PlateJoy really cares about its users. They NPS customers regularly, and their founder has personally responded to my comments. They're always adding new features based on users' feedback. Basically, it's super affordable and awesome, and y'all should all try it.
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@cmseyler Camille! You're the best. Thank you so much for this <3 And good to know you don't mind our regular NPS surveying :D
@cmseyler Nice I'll add this to my Healthy Diet 2.0 collection
I've used PlateJoy on and off for almost a year now. It has been a wonderful experience to see how much they have grown and responded to customer requests (such as fitbit and instacart integration). As a vegetarian it can get kind of boring eating the same old everyday, and some or the recipies in cookbooks can be somewhat daunting. PlateJoy has assisted me in cooking some amazing food, friends area always surprised and asking me for recipes. I really do enjoy cooking, but going to the grocery store to just buy for one meal based on one recipe is never truly effective or efficient. With PlateJoy I feel like I'm able to shop for a whole week, without thinking too much about waste of produce or what I am going to make. Also the cost is super minimal. PlateJoy has literally changed my eating habits - in the sense that I rarely even want to eat out if I know I can make a better meal at home.
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@avnivyas Avni!! You're going to make us cry! This is exactly why we started the company. Thank you so much for the kind words.
Hi PHers! Excited to launch the PlateJoy smart meal planner to make personalized nutrition a reality for everyone, no matter where you live. :) What’s new: * PlateJoy uses over 50 data points about your lifestyle, preferences, and health goals to determine exactly what you should be eating each week to feel your best. Then we send you personalized shopping lists and recipes on-demand that match all your preferences. Support for paleo, vegan, whole30, weight loss, kid-friendly, muscle-building, quick & easy, and MANY other styles of eating are available! * Meal plans are available internationally! You can shop for yourself with time-saving shopping lists on our mobile app (Android and iOS), or get ingredients delivered in an hour through our integration with Instacart/Whole Foods in 22 cities. (No more wasteful packaging and FedEx boxes to break down, ahem.) * Nutrition-focused coaches are always on hand with personal advice to help you achieve your goals. * Algorithms remember what you already have in your pantry and utilize ingredients across recipes each week to reduce food waste. We're super excited to make eating well and feeling great easier. Would love to answer any questions + thanks for checking it out! -Christina PS - Use code YAYPH20 by June 30 for $20 off your membership:
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@cbognet I like the idea very much Christina. I was just a bit disappointed that you didn't have any kind of free plan? Or at least a trial of a month, so that we could test Platejoy more fully. Keep up the good work.
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@danflopes Thanks so much for the feedback!
@danflopes We now offer a free 10 day trial for all!
I used to PlateJoy to help me switch from normal eating to vegan eating. They gave me a lot of creative ideas and recipes on how to eat healthy. But I also like that I was able to keep the recipes so I could refer to them again later. It's like having an online recipe book customized just for you. Great service! Give it a try!
@carol_b So glad you're loving the vegan plan, Carol. Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment here!