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Christina Bognet
Christina BognetMakerHiring@cbognet · Founder, PlateJoy
Hi everyone -- lovely to be here! I lost 50 pounds a few years ago and realized that the options for healthy eating are limited to frozen meal delivery services or nutrition apps that never worked for me. We started PlateJoy to bring personalization to food and help others eat well consistently. A few things: 1. We care a lot about personalization. You start off by taking a fun lifestyle quiz about foods you love, avoid, recipe complexity, time constraints, preferences and more. We then build a menu that fits your definition of healthy – with vegetarian, paleo, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and kid friendly plans available. 2. We care a lot about reducing packaging waste, so things like spices aren't pre-portioned into little plastic containers. Instead we create a Digital Pantry of your kitchen which takes inventory of what you have and keeps track of what you use each week, only replenishing things like cinnamon or olive oil when you need it. Your food is also hand-delivered locally in sustainable paper bags and not packaged on dry ice and/or sent via Fed-Ex. 3. We offer delivery in greater San Francisco and LA. Our personalized grocery lists + custom menus are available all over the country. You can use coupon code YAYPH for $20 off your first order at More than happy to answer questions and feel free to reach out directly at Thank you!
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@platejoy @cbognet congrats on the launch! if Michael Pollan's simplified motto is "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants" what's yours?
Christina Bognet
Christina BognetMakerHiring@cbognet · Founder, PlateJoy
@platejoy @eriktorenberg "You are the sum of the five things you eat the most." ;)
Stedman Blake Hood
Stedman Blake HoodMakerHiring@stedmanblake · co-founder, PlateJoy
@platejoy @eriktorenberg @cbognet "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly PlateJoy."
wow. this is awesome. let me know when you guys launch in nyc!
Parker Thompson
Parker Thompson@pt · Startup Fanboy
PlateJoy rocks. Food is a crowded space, but PJ is pretty different. Fans food on wheels startups are satisfying when you're in a hurry, but they aren't great for you and you get sick of them pretty quick or if you don't want to feed your kids fast/restaurant food every day. On the other side, grocery delivery let's you make great good, but you have to do all the work of putting together the recipes, ordering the right stuff, etc. PJ is great because you tell it how you want to eat, it gives you recipe options, and you get all the right stuff. It even works if you're not a good cook. Definitely give it a try. Note: I'm a very happy investor as well as customer.
Cody Juric
Cody Juric@codyjuric · Growth Marketer
Great product and great team! The right kind of solution in the foodtech space + a true motivation from the beginning.
Violeta Nedkova
Violeta Nedkova@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach