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#2 Product of the DayMay 06, 2014
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Looks good! This reminds me of which is pretty big. @drewwilson could You tell us what's different?
Hey guys! A little history just for fun: - I launched: back in 2010 after a year in development. It was the first app i had seen that got rid of the idea of a shopping cart and let you pay URLs. - Then I launched Space Box in 2012. The goal was to make Stripe user friendly for the non-developer. - Plasso is now the first step in something bigger I want to tackle. It's my honest desire to replace paypal... but i've got a ways to go. Still need to polish the selling tools on Plasso.. then attack the buyer's side of things. I've been at the digital delivery game since 2009 really, its fun, but a lot of work. I really love Plasso (obviously ;) and my favorite thing about it, which sheds light on it's future is the 'Pay Me' feature: have people pay you easy peasy. Soon to have bank & bit coin transfers! Anywho.. i hope this is the start of something big. We'll see. As for why it's different than gum road.. it does recurring payments. You can also upload as many files per product as you'd like (not just 1). Also gumroad is a digital delivery app like my old Quixly app was.. Plasso is starting as a tool for sellers, but is going to become a payment platform like paypal and the like.
How would you position the Pay Me feature when compared to other peer-to-peer providers like: - Venmo (requires signup) - Square Cash (send or request money via email with no signup needed) - Ribbon (send URL to friend, get paid with no signup needed) - Google Wallet/Gmail (send money via email, registration needed) - Facebook (store and send money via FB, most likely WhatsApp too for access to emerging markets... coming soon) Exciting time to be part of the peer-to-peer transactions landscape, interested to understand how you see yourself differentiating Plasso!
This is slick, @drewwilson. A few companies request to pay for job postings (that's how I'm monetizing Product Hunt right now) with a credit card but I don't have one and setting up an account is a pain. I'll give this a try.