Plasso Flexkit

Powerful payments & e-commerce API without writing code.

Flexkit is a powerful build-anything-you-want HTML API for payments, e-commerce, user authentication and customer management. It's like using Stripe, but without the need to write any code... or have a server... or have a database.

Flexkit can turn your pages, even static HTML mockups, into full-fledged billing & membership systems JUST using HTML.

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Hey πŸ‘‹, I'm beyond excited to finally announce Flexkit! It's truly something special. Right now, in a hundred different tech offices across the globe there are a hundred different teams all building a billing system for their product/software by spinning up a server and database and writing a bunch of code to integrate with Stripe's API or PayPal's or Recurly's, etc. Everyone is writing the same code... over and over. That all ends now 😁 Flexkit is an easy to use HTML API that makes it incredibly easy to build a full-fledged billing/membership system using the Plasso platform. You can turn any UI you've built into a fully working product JUST using HTML. No need to write any API code or javascript code to handle errors, UI, validation, etc. Flexkit does it all for you πŸ‘ In Lay Terms You can turn any of those fancy checkout mockups you see on Dribbble into actual working/production checkout experiences in a few minutes. πŸ‘ How It Works Flexkit works completely stand-alone. No frameworks or plugins required. It uses tried and true HTML forms as its backing technology. That's right, no need to learn a new framework or "templating language" πŸ˜‚ It works everywhere! How To Use It Just add a few Flexkit specific HTML attributes to your forms and include the javascript snippet on your website and you're done! πŸ‘ What To Do Next Watch the video above and go build your next project with Flexkit!
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@drewwilson Drew, come on, you guys are on fire! πŸ”₯
@zoltanhosszu πŸš’ Thanks :)
We are moving closer and closer to a zero-code future where designers might end up on top. This is amazing.
@itsthisjustin no code is just the right amount of code πŸ˜‰
This looks rad and very simple! I can see a lot of makers I know who focus more on the experience/design aspect of things (as compared to coding) using this. I'd be curious, how have you made sure this is secure, in addition to easy and efficient?
@joshpuckett Howdy Josh! Great question. Flexkit puts a hidden iFrame on your page. It then hijacks your forms and instead of submitting the form data server-side or over ajax it makes use of a cool browser tech called PostMessage. That means in stead of sending data over the wire, it simply passes the data down to the iFrame in the DOM. The iFrame is a fully secured Plasso page that processes the data. So its all HTTPS and 256bit secured. That means it works the exact same as if you were to secure your own HTTPS page and send your own data to Stripe or PayPal πŸ‘
Awesome product! You might reach out to Netlify and do some co-marketing with this. Flexkit and Netlify are a perfect combination!
This looks really promising. I'm actually running a heavily customized and API-automated Shopify storefront at the moment (soon to be released on PH, actually), but eventually had the plan to build my own payment system from within a mobile app. So, couple questions: Does this work inside an Ionic app? Do you have any premade HTML elements for Shopping cart, or do I still have to build my own cart? Cheers, Marc