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I've been using Plasso for the last few years and it's super clean and easy to setup and use. I've yet to find anything else like it that hooks up to Stripe and embeds within a website without any whacky code. ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ @drewwilson
@_holt wooo! Thanks Rich!! Stoked you like it :)
How is this different from something like Stripe?
@chezacke Stripe is an API and a payment platform for developers to build stuff with. Plasso is built on Stripe (PayPal and Apple Pay coming soon). Stripe just handles the payment portion. Plasso does more. Plasso handles the UI, customer management, billing, communication (emails) and more. You don't need to write a single line of code (or copy/paste anything) with Plasso. Take a look at our Membership product: to learn a bit more.
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@chezacke oh! and thanks a ton for asking :)
@drewwilson thanks for clarifying!
@drewwilson @chezacke This could not be better timing! I was about to sign up for Stripe assuming it handled the the things you laid out for Plasso. Looks like I'll need to give both of them a shot.
@ztyler @chezacke please do! and let me know if you need any help :) Thanks!
Hi Drew this looks really interesting. I understand that Plasso is focusing on making it easier for someone to accept payments online, without the need of code, but I'm struggling the types of payments this will work for. For example, is it suited for direct debit, CPA, one of payments or all of the above? Also is this available only in the US at the moment?
@anthony_stylianou Hey Anthony, I'll let Drew answer the rest of your questions but regarding geo-location, I'm based in Sweden and I'm using Plasso without any problems so it's definitely outside US too :)
@anthony_stylianou Hey Anthony! All of the above. Our Storefront product enables you to sell any physical/digital products (one-off sales, pre-orders and donations). Our Membership product enables you to sell subscriptions/memberships. Our Invoice product lets you send one-off or recurring invoices to your clients/customers. Our Pay Me product makes it super quick/easy for anyone to pay you for anything. Read more about em here:
@antonsten @anthony_stylianou oh! Thanks! I forgot to answer this part of the question :) YEP! We're available anywhere Stripe is available:
@drewwilson very cool! Looking forward for the forthcoming Paypal and Apple Pay features. Ehm, spotted a typo in the homepage on the Storefront card, it's written "digtal goods" ;)
.@sarahrubs and I have been using Plasso since we started our monthly subscription box, @ArtSnacks. @Drewwilson and his team have built an incredible system making it so easy for us to run our business. Woo!
@leerubenstein @sarahrubs @artsnacks thanks so much Lee! Myself and the rest of the team are super inspired by what you and Sarah have done (and are doing) with ArtSnacks!
Thanks for submitting this. Definitely seems like there's space for a subscription ecommerce platform like this. Are there any Shopify hooks?