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Drew Wilson
@drewwilson · I make plasso.com
If you'd like to read more about where we came from and where we're headed 👉 https://blog.plasso.com/reintrod...
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Rich Holt
@_holt · Product Designer @Reuters
I've been using Plasso for the last few years and it's super clean and easy to setup and use. I've yet to find anything else like it that hooks up to Stripe and embeds within a website without any whacky code. 👊🏼 @drewwilson
Chez Ackerman
@chezacke · Developer, Maker of things.
How is this different from something like Stripe?
Anthony Stylianou
@anthony_stylianou · Social Media Manager, CatchApp
Hi Drew this looks really interesting. I understand that Plasso is focusing on making it easier for someone to accept payments online, without the need of code, but I'm struggling the types of payments this will work for. For example, is it suited for direct debit, CPA, one of payments or all of the above? Also is this available only in the US at the moment… See more
Lee Rubenstein
@leerubenstein · Co-founder of ArtSnacks
.@sarahrubs and I have been using Plasso since we started our monthly subscription box, @ArtSnacks. @Drewwilson and his team have built an incredible system making it so easy for us to run our business. Woo!
Trevor Welch
@trevorwelch · TW
Thanks for submitting this. Definitely seems like there's space for a subscription ecommerce platform like this. Are there any Shopify hooks?