Planyway is a powerful calendar and timeline that lives inside your Trello.

Visually manage your and your team schedule. Connect it with Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar etc.

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πŸ‘‹ Hi Product Hunters, I am Sergey, a productivity evangelist and the founder of Planyway. It has been 10 months since we started developing a powerful calendar and team timeline for Trello. Today we are happy to present Planyway PRO on Product Hunt! πŸš€ With Planyway you can: – Drag-and-drop any Trello card to the calendar – Visually assign and schedule cards among your team with Timeline view – Use multiboard view to see the cards across all the boards in one place – Sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar etc. Planyway basic functions are FREE. Also, you can evaluate our PRO version with these features: – Google Calendar 2-way Sync – Recurring Cards – Multiboard View – Filters Planyway has two versions: Chrome extension (fully functional πŸ’ͺ): Power-Up (less functional, working to make it powerful. FREE for now): Use "Planyway_ProductHunt" promo code to get 10% discount for Playway PRO. Join the community of 65,000 Planyway users today and plan it your way! 😎 Sergey, Founder & CEO at Planyway
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@sergey_koshevoy Congrats on the launch. I will use this with my team for sure. Since you are a productivity evangelsit be sure to check out our tool, it will be very interesting to you.
@sergey_koshevoy My trial just ended and I loved it. You mention a discount here but I couldn't find anywhere to enter it in the Planyway purchase funnel. Can you please let me know where to enter this so we can purchase it today? Thanks :)
@christopher_sprague it's in the bottom of the payment form where you are entering card details
@sergey_koshevoy Thanks for the help. Just found it - not totally sure how I missed it. And you now have a new and happy customer :) Oh yeah, if you'd like to see how your software is helping a fellow startup succeed, and f you enjoy playing games with your family, make sure to check us out
Hey Sergey, Congrats on the launch. It looks really good! I'm also surprised Trello didn't build this themselves. Will you be adding different "views" of cards in the future? (i.e. Gantt or something else?) Gantt has been requested a lot by our users and it's something we've been working on at our startup.
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@em_ebert thank you! We have Team Timeline view that is even more compact and visual for assigning cards than Gantt
@sergey_koshevoy That looks cool! I was mostly asking because at Zenkit, we're really interested in task dependencies and being able to automate updates to tasks. It would be really powerful if you could add a way to create dependencies in Trello, too.
@em_ebert that is what we also want to do in our Timeline view in next releases

I spent over a year looking for an app that could do this. I had settled on Trello and been scheduling blocks of time on paper, when I found Planyway. The ease of drag and drop (re)scheduling and custom blocks of time was exactly what I wanted, and two-way sync with Google Calendar made those blocks of time visible and editable anywhere. Fantastic tool


best tool of its kind I've found: organize the work with Trello; schedule time for the work with Planyway


only available in the web app currently; requires Trello (for better or worse)

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I've been using Planyway for most of December and I love it. It shows me all of my cards from multiple boards in one clean, concise view. No more bouncing between board calendars (or sloppy IFTTT formulas) to keep my calendars & tasks in sync. (:


Super easy to use. I love that I can enable it on one board and see everything from all of my boards.


Only works on Chrome/Desktop, no mobile app.

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Hey, that's really awesome!
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@sergey_dorofeev thanks Sergey :)