Keep track of your plants and remember to water them

Keep track of your house plants and set reminders to water them.

Take a photo of a plant to quickly see its details.

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Need it for android!
Need this for android, please.
Need this exact app! Can’t wait to check it out but looks like you can’t login without email verification and the emails aren’t being sent...
@kessler Hi Ben, we've had a few cases where the verification email ends up in spam. Could you check there please?
@fridayclubapps same here. I'd suggest removing the email verification step.
Great idea, my tomatoes are happy and say thanks! It's a bit frustrating that the first screen is a Facebook/Email login, with no information and visuals about the app. Did you ask that to synchronise account? Not sure it's super important for the user, for this app.
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out