Smart Garden - from seeds to salad in 4 weeks

#4 Product of the DayOctober 18, 2015
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Looks neat, but isn't this basically an Aerogarden? I'm having trouble spotting the differences...
Awesome hunt @alexsnurnikov! I moved due to work a few months ago, and had a house with a garden but now live in an apartment with no garden! This is great!
I LOVE this concept. I am dreadful at raising a plant in a regular planter, and I live in apartment, so there isn't any space for me to fail with an outdoor garden. PLANTUI IS THE ANSWER! 🙌
How do I get one in the US?
It's a good idea but like aerogarden, you have to buy capsules to keep growing plants and in the case of vegetables, it become much more expensive than it should.