App for college grads to find non-tech jobs

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Hey Product Hunters, Thanks for checking us out! We know job hunting sucks and have been working hard to make it better. We're here to help recent grads find awesome non-tech jobs at startups. We work with great companies like SeatGeek, ClassPass, and Casper and have more startups signing up every day. We're glad to finally roll out our app and make job-searching mobile. Let us know what you think! We're super excited to hear your feedback and questions.
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@susanxzheng absolutely love the concept. Being a non-dev startup junkie, I've watched to see if positions around Community Management or Marketing/Sales/New Biz come about. They are certainly a lot fewer and further between than dev positions.
@bpaint Thanks Brandon! The idea definitely originated from my own personal itch as a non-engineer / designer. The more we've worked with companies though, the more we've realized how much non-tech team members are needed especially as a company starts to scale sales, customer happiness and operations! Interestingly enough, the majority of roles in NYC tech companies are non-tech (59% to be exact). Obviously, every company's hiring needs come down to what industry they're in and the type of business they're building. We just felt from our experiences as jobseekers and as hiring managers that this is an underserved and overlooked market.
Talented, experienced team building a great product! Congrats on the launch!
This is a great team, who walk the talk. Talented folk who have turned out a super useful product. Need to grow your team? Time to get Planted.
I need this.
@gosathya We'd love to help you out! Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to email me at patrick [at] planted [dot] com
thanks everyone for all your support! We're always trying to make our product better especially because job seeking and hiring is such a personal and considered decision so if you have any additional questions or feedback, would love to hear from you at!