Plant Jammer 2.0

Reduce food waste and save money - cook with what you got!

It SHOULD be easy to cook with what's in your fridge. But recipe apps or Google don't help, so we built something better. Plant Jammer is an app that combines artificial intelligence with core gastronomical principles. Now you can use what's in your fridge, learn to cook deliciously, and never again have to search for recipes!

  • Nicklas Skov Pape
    Nicklas Skov PapeCo-founder & Lead Designer, Tradono

    It's an easy and intuitive new way to learn how to cook vegetarian


    Still needs some work and it sometimes feels a bit buggy but the MVP and idea, team and idea is magical in itself

    Coming from a family (and culture) where meat was first and definitely the most important ingredient, converting to vegetarian eating habits is not easy! Plantjammer makes that journey fun and it teaches me to think in new ways when it comes to cooking and eating.

    With this product, I know it can be as (or more) easy to start with brocolli than it was for me always starting with beef or chicken. It actually turns out to be more fun and inspiring to cook and eat. As a bonus, my meals tend to be much more diverse, healthier, cheaper. I could go on: less waste as it's easier to empty my fridge, more social to do together, less looking into an app/book, more trying out, tasting and learning...

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  • Pros: 

    It teaches you the complexities of great cooking in a simple way. It's like having an ongoing mini cooking course on your phone.


    The app is undergoing rapid development which can sometimes be hard to keep track of, but the new features are mostly awesome!

    On top of teaching you how to cook, the app has extra features such as a smart shopping list and it can keep track of what you have at home, making it super easy to plan your cooking.

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1 year ago we launched our website on Product Hunt. A lot of people loved it and we learnt a lot. Now we made an app with some quite spectacular improvements. We are excited to hear what you think! What improved: We want to use our AI to stop foodwaste, so we tweaked the product to do just that. There's a pantry, a shoplist, and a recipe generator that seemlessly integrate. With Plant Jammer you can finally say goodbye to Food waste in your home! Try it and feel free to reach-out if you have any questions!
Intuitive, inspirational and playful ! Plantbased homecooked food is not only best for your own health but also the best thing you can do for the planet ! #bethechange
I love using the app with my girlfriend. It's a very inspirational, engaging and fun app!
Super strong product - love it :-)!!
My wife has been desperate for an app like this for ages. I can’t wait to try it out with her! It looks great and I really like the approach you’ve taken with the food wheel. Clearly a lot of effort and thought has gone into this product.
@ninjapixel Awesome! Let me know how it went! :-)