Plant Jammer

Build your own recipes using AI

Prep new dishes with Plant Jammer's easy dish-builder which combines artificial intelligence with core gastronomical principles such as balancing tastes, contrasting textures and building aroma complexity. Now you can create a recipe using what's in your fridge and never again have to search for recipes.

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so cool! I'd like to try new things but i usually have no clue what to combine, this takes me out of my culinary comfort zone
Hey @plantjammer I love this idea, perfect for Veganuary, could you please tell us more about the AI element? How does it know which ingredients taste good together?
@abadesi Thanks for your support! Yes, I'd love to elaborate on the AI in our product :-) We use the workhorse of AI, 'the Neural Network', to know which ingredients go together. That means (buckle up, this is about to get nerdy): 1) We found 2.5 mn recipes online 2) Then we built a neural network of the individual ingredients in the recipes. Each recipe is essentially a vote on a set of ingredients going together. This creates a 'landscape of flavor', where ingredients that tend to go well together are close to eachother; 3) Then we extrapolated the findings from the neural network, by making a regression model of the individual aromas in each ingredient (e.g., there's 346 aromatic compounds in asparagus, that creates you flavor experience of those)... this step leads to unusual foodpairs, so we don't just get boring classics :-) 4) Finally, we added 'human intelligence' by talking to professional chefs and tagging each ingredients with the core components of good flavor (salt, umami, sour, oil, crunch, soft, sweet, bitter, spicy, fresh, and aromatic) and guiding the neural network to propose something from each of these components 5) In the end we wrapped all this up in the UX/product you see on
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@plantjammer Wow, incredible πŸ‘πŸ½
@abadesi THANKS!!!!

I am soooo biased, as I'm the CEO and Founder of Plant Jammer :-)

However, this is my dream product, developed for my own needs to cook and eat more different and more veggies.

Please have a look and give feedback on - at this early stage feedback is gold!



Fast and easy way to match my fridge


Product obviously in early stage, but improving every week

Cool idea 😍