Version control app and plugin for Sketch

Plant is a simple and powerful version control tool that is seamlessly integrated with Sketch. By keeping track of all versions and metadata including date, time, and the user that pushed the specific version, Plant maximizes the efficiency of teamwork and ensures that users have access to the creative history of a project.

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Art here, co-founder at Plant. My team and I are excited to announce that Plant is now available for public at I welcome you to join our discussion here, and will greatly appreciate any kind of feedback.
How are you different from abstract?
@kejnav Hi Djordje, great question! In comparison to Abstract or other similar products. Plant is more integrated into Sketch interface and designers' workflow than anything out there. Plant also let's you resolve conflicts inside Sketch on an artboard level. Although we are different, we do respect Abstract team and anyone else in this space, who spend many hours and hard work building complex products.
I used Plant during the beta with my team and loved it. Not only is it a great app, but the developers were super responsive to our feedback throughout the beta period. Very excited for the Plant team; congrats on the launch!
@chrisvanpatten Hi Chris, thank you for the kind words! We appreciate all your support during the private beta and looking forward to continue having you on board.
@stanislav_skrebkov Hi Stanislav! We haven't seen many reports of this, but if you contact we can help diagnose what might be going on. Thanks!
As an OG abstract user I'm very tempted. I have some questions: 1. How are symbols handled? Abstract gets hella messy when symbols are involved 2. How are shared libraries handled in sketch?
@shawnroos Hi Shawn, thanks for this question, 1. We version all symbols at artboard level, and you can filter symbols through our page filter on Plant web app, and see symbols including version changes. 2. Symbols from Sketch Libraries file can be shared across all your project, and in case you don't want to share your Sketch Libraries file with other contributors, but you have projects which use symbols from Sketch Libraries file, Plant is smart enough to version it and contributors won't lose the latest version of those symbols.