Simple and powerful version control plugin for Sketch

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Hi all! I'm John from Plant. Plant is a simple and powerful version control tool, that integrates with Sketch. Plant let's your team work on a project seamlessly. Our conflict resolution feature allows more than one member to work on a single artboard. Additional features such as tracking changes, activity feed and version notes will help your team collaborate even better. Follow us on Twitter to stay informed on news and updates. Join private release and we'll let you know as soon as it's ready: I'll be happy to answer any questions.
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@johnlopezbrand how are you doing conflict resolution for graphics?
@svetlyak40wt Thanks! Great question! Our conflict resolution is smart enough to show you changes you haven't seen that were pushed to cloud by other members for the same artboards that you are working on. This way you will never miss a change before you even submit your version to the cloud.
Version control on the design side is a major pain point. Very excited to try out the Sketch plugin. Sounds pretty simple to get the team on-boarded.
@craigphares Thanks, we are working hard to get the Beta to our early planters. We think you will love the direction we are going, and of course your feedback matters the most to us.
As a Sketch user this is awesome news! I know how important is version control on large projects with a lot of designers but I've never taken time to learn Git so this is going to be really useful. What made you decide that you're going to build your own version control app for designers? Can't wait to try Plant out! :)
@markoxvee Hi Marko, thanks for the support! As design team we know how painful it is for few designers to work on a single project. We ran into many issues, identified our pain points and decided to build our own version control system.
I've been using Folio for Mac but I've been waiting for someone to make something a little bit more Sketch-orientated. Excited to try this out!
@neema Thanks! Our goal was exactly what you said.
@neema We want the designers to concentrate on their work and not jump from one app to another.
Looks great! Any idea what pricing will be like when launched?
@mposborne Thanks Mark! We are still in process of figuring out the right pricing, but we will make sure its very comfortably priced.