Map based calendar for travel, mobile work and busy lives

Free to download and use, Planspace maps out your calendar 🗺️, lets you make plans with phone contacts 👫, and then easily find your way to events 🚲.
For mobile work, travel or anyone with a busy life, especially in new and unfamiliar places.
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Hi all. Pretty excited for the first release of our first product on Product Hunt :) Planspace was born out of frustration at various stages of my life that calendar apps place the emphasis firmly on “when”, largely to the exclusion of “where”: Working a manual labouring job in Australia at multiple locations per day. Guiding foreign language students around London during my university holidays and having to plan itineraries. Spending time in unfamiliar European cities. Having a busy life in London, with regular events at new locations. All of these scenarios lent themselves to a calendar with greater emphasis on location and better integration with navigation apps and this informed our thinking in developing Planspace. It was also a frustration that calendar apps only network using email addresses so we built one with WhatsApp style phone number networking… Planspace maps out your events by location and time, integrates with your existing calendar, lets you make plans with phone contacts and then easily find your way to events. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback as we get going and feel free to ask anything!
@luke_arnold Was really excited to check the app out but was stuck at the "Sign Up" right out of the gate. The verification OTP Code never came despite multiple attempts. Would love to give it a try again once this issue is resolved.
@prajwalr Sorry to hear that. We'll look into it! Could you let me know what your area code is??