Find and stay in homes designed for architecture lovers 🏡

PlansMatter is a curated gallery of luxury hotel and vacation rentals for the architecturally-minded. Sort by architect, check availability and experience a Frank Lloyd Wright design for yourself.

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Very, very cool. I'm a huge huge proponent for curation like this (in both real estate and travel). Done well, these sorts of curation sites can certainly take a slice out of AirBnB's business. Time savings of not having to wade through crap listings to find the gems is worth a lot of money to the crowd that cares about architecturally significant homes.
This is super super super cool. You could use machine learning / visual search to let users upload an image of their favorite kind of architecture, and have that search for similar looking places. You could build it really easily with something like
For those who've studied art history, architecture or for anyone who appreciates beautiful spaces, PlansMatter really does enable dreams to come true. Peruse a stunning collection of homes and hotels all over the world, designed by legendary architects and available for short-term rental. #Goals. Of course, your stay does come at a price--expect to pay about $300/night for a Frank Lloyd Wright home or about $1k/night for "Villa Vals" in Switzerland. However, there are more affordable options, such as "Rolling Huts" Washington for $135/night. As co-founder, Scott Muellner puts it, “Even though the importance of design is becoming increasingly evident, often times we only experience the thoughtful design of our physical environment at a product design level, or in public architecture. To experience world-class residential architecture by actually staying in it for a few days, or ideally more, is incredibly moving. This experience really lets us understand the positive impact great architecture can have on our day-to-day lives.”
@lizadixon Airbnb for semi-wealthy students of architecture?
@chrismessina Yes. Alternatively, good savers in need of fresh Instagram content 💰📸
Pretty cool idea!

I think it's great because I love beautiful architecture


Yes I think it's a great idea