The intelligent to-do app, reimagined

Many people of other todo apps know this problem. You write everything down and forget it. Planny was created to intelligently plan your day and also remind you intelligently, when you tend to forget your daily tasks. It was also created to use all the available possibilities and technologies that Apple offers to create a great experience

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9 Reviews4.4/5
Any plan for Android?

Can't be used on Android. That's a no-go.


Looks nice



Very good to do list app. Not as advanced as the likes of Wunderlist and todoist but great integration with apple ecosystem


Great UI and can use without IAP


A litte laggy

Thank you for the review. :) I'm interested in your point "laggy". Tested this app on many devices (iPhone 7 Plus, 5S, 8 Plus, X, iPad Air 2) but couldn't detect any lags? Or do you mean something different by that?
This is flat out gorgeous! I’m a sucker for a new, good task manager and this looks amazing. Can’t wait to use it.
This is the task manager I've been waiting for all my life. Please make an Android version!