Planning Poker by Standuply

Asynchronous planning poker via Slack task-based surveys

#3 Product of the DayMarch 19, 2019
Remote work is on the rise; Agile processes need to adapt.
Now you don't have to get together with the whole team to run planning poker. Connect your tools to Standuply and run planning poker asynchronously when it's convenient for everyone on your team.
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Hey, Product Hunters 🎉 Alex is here from Standuply, the #1 Project Management Slack bot trusted by 35,000 teams worldwide. Recently we published Backlog Grooming via Slack and here’s the new workflow automation in Standuply. Meet Planning Poker inside Slack. Here’s the way how it works: 1️⃣ Connect Standuply to Trello (JIRA coming in two weeks) Select tasks to estimate and people who will take part in the planning session. 2️⃣ Standuply surveys your team Standuply reaches out to your team members and surveys them regarding tasks’ estimations. 3️⃣ You get aggregated estimations You run planning poker asynchronously when it’s convenient for everyone. If needed you can have a short call to finalize estimations. This way you can save up to 2 hours per sprint, the average time for a Planning Poker meeting. I’m sure your devs will love this! With this move, Standuply comes one step closer to our vision of becoming a full-fledged Digital Scrum Master. ✅ Need more than 100 seats? I’ll get a special price for you. Reach out to me via alex at Alex Kistenev, CEO of Standuply
This is awesome guys! Looking forward to trying the Trello integration specifically :)
@chrisbuttenham Thanks, Chris!
Wow, another great addition from the Standuply team! Can't wait to try it.
@kwindla thank you :) Can't wait when we release the collaborated feature experts ( feature here :)
So this has nothing to do with Poker and yet it is somehow named that way ?
@sauravtom it's named according to the well-known Agile process Planning Poker.
@sauravtom @sprinter Maybe this should be made clearer for PH's mainstream crowd?