Plan your week... with sticky notes



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Ambrose LeungMaker@efficienthacks · Solving 1st world problems
[edit: 12/24/2016] - I've now included the 3 weekly planning printouts for FREE - the complete bundle comes with the other designs. -- Thanks for hunting this, @spencerfry! And thanks to @evankimbrell (and his Slack community) for giving me some suggestions on the initial design! Hello Product Hunt! This printable planner solves the problem of a nonstop stream of notifications and disruptions while using your computer/phone to plan your projects - it is designed to help you plan things offline. If you're the type of person that gets distracted every time you go on the computer or take out your phone to do something, then give this a try! Planning offline first before going to your computer will help you focus so much better! The free bundle (linked here in GET IT) consists of 3 designs that you print out on cardstock paper on a "letter" size page (for now). All you need is cardstock paper and some sticky notes. The full bundle also includes PNGs in case you want to make your own printable cards on Canva. It comes without any " URL" on the front. Anyhow, please ask me anything about this (design, idea, etc) ! Thanks for checking it out! Make it a point to plan offline with no distractions. Peace!
Evan Kimbrell@evankimbrell · Founder, Sprintkick
@efficienthacks @spencerfry I'm happy to see this come together
Ambrose LeungMaker@efficienthacks · Solving 1st world problems
New designs (Eisenhower matrix, full priorities sheet) coming out before Christmas for the full bundle
Ambrose LeungMaker@efficienthacks · Solving 1st world problems
ok, done! Get all 7 designs in the full bundle for $5 before the end of year (or tweet at me if the time has already passed and you're interested): https://efficienthacks.withcoach...