Schedule any kind of meeting in less than 30 seconds!

#5 Product of the DayMay 03, 2018

Based on personal preferences, travel times, locations and your different calendars, Plann3r will find the best moment to meet in less than 30 seconds.

Integrates with Google Calendar, iCloud and Office 365.

  • Ramses Dreesen
    Ramses DreesenHelping people grow their business 💪

    Really fast, user friendly


    No cons really...

    I've been using Plann3r for the past 2 months now to schedule meetings with clients and it really helps with giving them an overall better experience! Highly recommend this tool to anyone that is regularly scheduling meetings!

    Good job guys!

    Ramses Dreesen has used this product for one month.
  • Nick van Steerteghem
    Nick van SteerteghemPerfomance Marketeer // GDPR-Engineer

    The company takes time out of my hands, so I can use it for other business tasks

    Always friendly service

    Great attention for our needs

    E use


    Are there any? Never heard of them! Some bugs may occur, but we all experience that one day and is always quickly resolved.

    Plann3r is an easy to use (E use in my Pros) scheduling software where I can easily rely on finding the best spot for my meetings. The friendly service and great flexibility of the team and the software really amazes me. It is certainly the reason why I choose Plann3r as my partner!

    Nick van Steerteghem has used this product for one month.
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iNicholasMaker@nicholasdhondt · Automated meeting scheduling! ❤️
What’s up meow’ers 😻! Today, we’re destroying the juggle of scheduling meetings once and for all, with our little tool called Plann3r. Ruben, Cédric and myself are deeply passionate about software and the way in which software can boost people’s productivity. We truly believe that software as a service combined with artificial intelligence has strong potential to increase people’s lives. And with that mindset, we started creating Plann3r. First we failed. Miserably. 😵 1,5 years ago we had built Plann3r as a way to bring family & friends together, in a smart way. But if you’re like me and you want to meet up with friends or family, you simply use Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. Conclusion? No one was using it. We forgot about the market 🤷‍♂️ If there’s 1 solid piece of advice I can give you all, it is that you ALWAYS start with the market in mind. So we started asking questions. We started talking to other businesses and see what they were still missing. They were still spending endless hours of back-and-forth emailing to schedule a simple meeting. No one needs to waste so much time on something that simple. That’s when we pivoted and started creating Plann3r. What’s plann3r? 🤔 A smart piece of software that allows you to schedule a meeting with 2, 5 or 30 people in less than 30 seconds. Literally. Plann3r combines calendar data with locations, travel times, personal preferences and meeting habits. It’s almost like having a personal assistant! In the past few months we’ve onboarded happy customers from various industries (sales, recruitment, human resources) like Buildeye, Thalento, Ortho Grow, … And now Plann3r is ready to welcome you all! GIFT FOR PRODUCT HUNT PEOPLE! 😼 A free 6 month professional upgrade. If you make an account and send a meeting request to, you’ll get a 6 month free upgrade to our professional tier (with all the amazing benefits of course). My team and I personally will be here today, tomorrow and forever really to answer all your questions. So feel free to reach out if you need know more. Talk to you soon Nicholas!
David Van der Auwera
David Van der Auwera@vanderauweradav · Serial Entrepreneur and Boardmember
Great Tool. At GrowForce, we use Plann3r to schedule meetings with prospects, customers and collaborators. Best in class of scheduling tools!
Timothy Verhaeghe
Timothy Verhaeghe@timothyverhaeghe
Edited (after question & testing): I like the integration with Gmail and the ease of setup! This makes it really easy for me to schedule a meeting right from my mail (with no hassle of sharing several dates etc)! Going to test it over the next months! Well deserved upvote! conclusion (so far): Pros: productivity, ease to use, seamlessly integrations & support Cons: nah, none so far! Question: Can I use Plann3r to schedule meetings for my Apple calendar in Gmail?
iNicholasMaker@nicholasdhondt · Automated meeting scheduling! ❤️
Hi @timothyverhaeghe We support both your Gmail and your Apple Calendar. If you are using Gmail to send out your emails, you can even use our Gmail Plugin to insert a Plann3r meeting invite in your email!
Timothy Verhaeghe
Timothy Verhaeghe@timothyverhaeghe
@nicholasdhondt thanks for your fast answer! Great support! Testing the tool right now and it’s amazing! 👊🏻
Ricardo Ghekiere
Ricardo Ghekiere@ricardo_ghekiere · B2B Growth Evangelist
Awesome tool that saves the most precious thing in life, time.
Willem Drijver
Willem Drijver@willemdrijver · Co-Founder & CEO Taglayer
I have been Plann3r for a couple of months now and I must say it really made my sales process easier. Before Nicholas introduced Plann3r to me, I had to sent available slots by email but it started to take a lot of my time. Now I just include a Plann3r invite and I know Plann3r will pick the right moment. Thanks guys!