Compare the top work planning apps by feature and price.

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Plann is a handy comparison tool that helps you find the ideal team work management apps based on your needs, priorities and budget.

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    Unito integrates them all so knows all the products better than anyone.

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Christy LadyLaurence
Christy LadyLaurence@christy · Founder @Plann, []
Hi Guys, Great Product I'm sure - but I'm the founder of Plann, an app that has been in the iOS and Android store for a few years now. (website: Would be great if you could consider the implications to both of our businesses (for both SEO, ASO and all round general confusion) by choosing the same name?
Adarsh Srivastava
Adarsh Srivastava@adarshsrivastava
@christy Weird choice alright.. A simple Google search brings you up as first result!
Christy LadyLaurence
Christy LadyLaurence@christy · Founder @Plann, []
@adarshsrivastava I have no intention of giving it up either 🙃
Olivia Li
Olivia LiHunter@oliviatli · Product strategist & Startup enthusiast
Hey Product Hunters! Here's It's a simple and fun way to discover the best task management apps for any job. It's the latest free tool by @UnitoIO, who really turned something potentially tedious and complex into an elegant, intuitive and handy tool. Great job @UnitoIO!
Roland Clifford
Roland Clifford@roland_hovsepyan · videomaker
Nice product!
Trevor Longino
Trevor LonginoMaker@trevorl ·
@roland_hovsepyan Thanks! Glad to hear you like it. :)
Trevor Longino
Trevor LonginoMaker@trevorl ·
Hey there! Thanks for checking out Plann by Unito - we’re beyond excited to be here and share it with you! Thanks so much for Hunting, us, Olivia! We built Plann for anyone looking to use a work planning app such as Asana, Trello, Jira, GitHub, Gitlab, Wrike, and more. There’s sooo many work planning apps out there, each with their own unique features, options, and limitations. In order to choose one that best meets your needs, you’d have to manually look up apps one by one, do the research, contact support, and compare all the info. This can take hours, days, or even weeks...and ain’t nobody got time for that! Which is why we created a tool that lets you compare the top apps out there, and easily choose one. With Plann, you can find the best app for your needs, in minutes! The best part’s free. We’d REALLY appreciate your feedback on Plann! Do you prefer more than 3 collapsable filters at the top? Are there any project management apps you’d like us to add to the table? Do you find it easy enough to use? Is there anything you don’t understand? Our team will be available here all day to answer any questions you may have. So let us know what you think!
Aidan Hornsby
Aidan Hornsby@aidanhornsby · VP Marketing @ Flow
@trevorl hey Trevor! Love this, cleaner, simpler and way easier to use than Capterra, etc. Can you add Flow to the table? Happy to chat and provide info about our app, just let me know who to speak to 👍
Marc Boscher
Marc Boscher@marcboscher · Founder @
Good stuff! Would love to be able to expand/maximize the comparison table to a full browser window/screen.
Trevor Longino
Trevor LonginoMaker@trevorl ·
@marcboscher Definitely an idea worth looking into. Thanks!