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@ocadman I wanted to share my first impressions. 1) It took me a while to understand that your app is for event management. Your tagline confused me and created different expectations. You write: "planme is a new, innovative mobile app that allows users to create, manage and update their social life in real-time." Events are one small niche of social interactions and your tagline made me think you do all stuff 'social life'. 2) I'm also confused by what you mean with 'real-time'. Are your competitors (Facebook, Whatsapp etc.) not real-time? It sounds like being real-time is your USP but it isn't clear to me what that means and why I need to care. (There are other buzzwords I would personally not use: 'innovative' and 'new'. These words have no meaning.) 3) Who's your target audience? As a potential user I'm naturally asking myself why I would use planme. When I go out with friends I don't 'create' an event. We decide together where to go, for how long etc. Event 'management' afterwards occurs in-person and verbally. Our fun evening doesn't need to be 'managed' but is co-owned or shared by all members and develops naturally. There are always changes to our plan but direct communication (in-person or Whatsapp) seems more efficient. So I'm asking myself, is planme maybe best for events with more (>15) people that are harder to manage/connect? I hope my first impressions interacting with your product offering are helpful. I now understand what planme does, after reading your Appstore description, your descriptions on your website and your comment here on PH. But it wasn't when first engaging. As a normal user, outside PH, I would have churned right from the start due to the uncertainties and missed expectations.
Great app I use to create events in a few clicks.
Thanks Matt! We're really excited to launch planme. We created planme because we felt the current set of social events apps have some unnecessary limitations. With planme you can create an event with multiple locations, perhaps you're meeting for a drink before you go for dinner, and you can update your plans in real time, maybe that one drink becomes two or three. All your attendees receive real time notifications of changes and they can see the organisers current location on the map so they know where to head - but only whilst the event is live. We think this makes events a lot more interactive and real-time so no more texting everyone because plans have changed or losing people en route. planme is a dedicated app for social events. We've just recently launched our first iPhone app and initial feedback has been really encouraging. Last week we had our launch party in Shoreditch, London which was a blast. We've got some great ideas for how to evolve the app and we're really looking forward to more feedback so we can keep updating the app and redefining social.
@janahrend Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it and it's really useful. Great feedback about the tag line. We've discussed a few different ones and really like the current one but did have a concern that it didn't really communicate the main USP of the app. So it's interesting you've mentioned this too. We think we're the only app automatically shares the organisers location for the duration of the event and limit it to just to those attending. Also the app can be updated on real-time, so if you move on to your next location early or later everyone attending the event is told. I think you're right that the value of planme is definitely more easily demonstrated when you're in larger groups as it helps keep people updated of any change in plan more easily and with less individual message sending/conversations. I'm not sure you need to have such a large group size as 15 to start seeing the value and smaller groups still benefit from the functionality and as an alternative to other platforms.