Plankk Studio

Your anytime, anywhere gym

Plankk Studio is your anytime, anywhere gym. Now you can stream live fitness classes hosted by today’s top fitness influencers from wherever you are. Want to workout right now? Plankk Studio also has over 1,000 on demand classes with more added daily.

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Colin Szopa
Founder @ Plankk
Hi Product Hunters! Super excited to finally be able to share a product to the Product Hunt community! In 2016 we saw a niche opportunity. Top fitness influencers with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers were selling their training programs through PDF downloads and eBooks, but no one was moving onto mobile. These influencers were basically selling VHS tapes, while the rest of the world was on Netflix. We stepped into that space and developed a platform to support influencers and their evolving apps. We’ve now partnered with 57 fitness influencers, and have 37 fitness apps live with 20 in development. Having all of these apps in the market and growing to tens of thousands of users, we saw first hand how strong the fitness influencer and follower bond is. People trust, care and are invested in the influencers they follow. The next evolution was to close that gap even further and bring these influencers onto a single platform and live to users, wherever they are. This is how Plankk Studio came to be. Now regardless of where you are, you can attend a live class hosted by some of today’s best fitness trainers. With an ever-growing library of on demand classes, Plankk Studio also offers a variety of classes - all types and any skill level - that you can take whenever you want. Plankk Studio is available now to download on the App Store and Google Play, and you can try it for free. We'd love to hear your feedback, and we'll be around all day to answer any questions.
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