The easiest and fastest way to make plans with your friends

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Berk Cagatay
Berk CagatayHunter@perqele · Entrepreneur
Is it difficult to make a decision within a large group of friends? Could this app be the answer?
Cem Carak
Cem CarakMaker@cemedericarak · Entrepreneur - WhatTuDu & PlanItUp
PlanItUp is a social planning platform that helps you plan hassle free with your friends. It helps you streamline the communication and improve the decision making process. I was always annoyed about the fact that I can get the input of my friends when planning something together. I would also be bothered that I really don't want to express my opinion on a text thread because what I say might bother some of my friends (lets say some of them don't like the same restaurants or food as me). Getting millions of texts and not being able to progress was another things driving me crazy. I thought about PlanItUp as being the problem solver since it eliminates all those problems and adds a fun aspect of voting anonymously when deciding. Since the information is easily visible just like in a Facebook event, I don't need to search it in a zillion message groups. The decision making is also simple since the majority decides. Thank you in advance Product Hunt community for giving it a try and I hope it would ease your planning pain just like as mine. Please feel free to let us know your comments and feedback. That way we can keep improving this product till all your planning problems are gone.
Bruce Kraft Jr.
Bruce Kraft Jr.@brucekraftjr · CMO, social media & viral director
i noticed this was categorized under android but i've never seen an android app made available. thoughts?