Marketing/editorial calendar for startups and small business

An editorial calendar & content planner that's easy to use. Build a marketing plan with content by date and channel - blog, video, email newsletter, podcast, events, etc. Invite your team to collaborate. And link each project to MailChimp, Google Analytics, Buffer, etc. to automatically track topline analytics such as pageviews and email opens.



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Jacqueline von TesmarHiring@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @alisonhms, What aspect of this app are you most proud of? What pushed you to build your own calendar?
Alison HarrisMaker@alisonhms · founder, PlanITPDQ
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline - thanks for asking! I am really proud of building something that offers solopreneurs and small marketing teams some of the best benefits of martech without the cost or huge learning curve of the high end tools. The most precious commodity for startups and small companies is time - you have to develop content and execute marketing activities, but there are only so many hours in a day. PlanITPDQ helps small teams get organized, see where they have gaps in their marketing calendar, and -- most importantly -- track the analytics of what is and is not connecting. I decided to build PlanITPDQ after (gulp) 18 years of helping small businesses with their marketing. The high end martech tools are awesome, but totally out of reach for most SMBs. I wanted to offer my clients (and now you, too!) an easy-to-use tool that helps you get organized, get everyone in the company on the same page, and that pulls analytics in from a lot of different platforms into one place. I applied for a grant from our state's technology association (Thanks Maine Technology Institute!) and received a matching funds to help develop PlanITPDQ. I need a ton of feedback to figure out next steps, so I hope lots of Product Hunters take advantage of a free beta account, test it out, and let me know what you like and what else I should add. Have an awesome day! To all startups out there, high five - you can do this!
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity · Product Manager in Pittsburgh
Ive struggled with thIs for freelance clIents,and definItely belIeve Its a space wIth opportunIty. Who do you think your competitors are?
Alison HarrisMaker@alisonhms · founder, PlanITPDQ
@swetzequity I know people use AirTable, but I also know that some think it's too complicated. Trello is great for organization, but it doesn't track analytics. There are lots of content scheduling tools - Hootsuite, Buffer, Co-Schedule. Opscalendar also looks cool, but it seems to be focused on organizing deadlines. PlanITPDQ has more analytics integrations - Google Analytics, Twitter, Buffer, MailChimp, YouTube, etc. We also have a URL shortner - you can create a shortened URL within PlanITPDQ, place it anywhere, and track clicks right within the main dashboard. So, lots of players, but I don't see anyone with the same set of features ... at least not in this easy-to-use of a format. I'd love your feedback on who you think I should look at, or what features are important.