An effective cloud based teamwork system.

Planiro is an online project management platform that is flexible and can be scaled to suit the needs of any project, no matter how big or small. Built-in are task tracker, discussions, calendar, file storage, and much more.

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Hi, Product Hunt community! Thank you, Kevin, for hunting us! My name is Ruslan, I am CTO and one of the founders of Planiro. Planiro is a project collaboration platform for teams. We've created it to save time, money and nerves by removing all useless meetings, reports and bureaucracy and transfering company's workflow into a digital cloud platform. Users track tasks, have discussions, note and calendar — and efficiency of work is visualised in different reports and metrics. System is fully-customizable, so you can create your own workflow and manage the interface to see only relevant information. While designing Planiro we had several management techniques in mind, so you can use Kanban board, Gantt chart and Burndown Chart to help your project achieve greatness faster. We are very excited to join the community and would like to offer a 30% bonus for fellow members on your first payment in Planiro:
Looks solid! Very disputable UI decision to duplicate navigation in several places throughout the system (top & sidebar), it clutters the interface, but everything else seems cool.
Also, why task deadlines do not appear in the calendar and you have to manually create new events for that? This might be because of some management approach of course, but usually those are created for you automatically.
@vladzima Hi, Vladislav, thank you for your question and kind words. There is a certain reason for such UI. These two menus have different functions: top if for a particular project or section (wherever the user is), and left-side menu is used for fast navigation between these project and sections. You can actually make parts of those menus you don't need invisible.
@vladzima it's a good question. Actually, in cumulative calendar you can view tasks from all projects and even other's people tasks ( In project's calendar we decided not to put it for now, as you can view tasks in Gantt Chart mode which is basically a timeline where tasks are divided by stages ( But thank you for asking, we'll think about adding this functionality to project calendar as well.
@ruslan_gatiyatov That's nice, Ruslan, requires a bit of learning curve though, kind of jira-ish, especially in terms of customisation. I guess the product is in line with more professional software like Jira (even Core), Targetprocess etc., which is suitable for larger teams with lots of concurrent processes. Are you planning on taking space in this niche more then small/medium business oriented products like Basecamp, Breeze, Trello etc?
@vladzima yes, full customisation does require a bit of time, but then again not everybody needs it and our support team is always there to help) but what you can do with customised task flow is pretty neat, the ultimate goal it to recreate all of the processes of the company digitally. Since we're devs ourselves we of course are pulled a bit more towards dev-friendly solutions, but we also are trying to make Planiro very easy to use for those departments who are very far from development. We tried it out with our own design and accounting department, and also some clients of ours are small businesses that still run project work (e.g. law companies). So atm we are testing different models and analysing response from all kinds of audiences.
Looks cool. Why this space though—isn't it so competitive?
@nikkw0ng Hi Nikk, thanks! It is very competitive, however we felt (as we ourselves are developers and have tried a lot of apps) that most solutions either lack functionality or flexibility, so we tried to come up with something very adjustable to each customer, but still being a full-stack platform.
You've mentioned customizable workflow, what does it mean? Like set my own task acceptance criteria?
@alphab Hey, thanks for asking! It means that you can make as many different steps the task follows from beginning to acceptance as you wish. If in your company it's necessary that an art-director checks on every design - you can make it a step, and once your designers click on "finish" button the task will automatically be reassigned to the art-director and have a "on review" status. This is just an example, every company can create their own processes in Planiro.
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